Animal lovers? Check!
Passionate about all things green? Check!
Champions of hand made enterprises? Check!

At Red & Ginger, sustainability is always at the forefront of everything we do. Whether it’s growing our own veggies on our allotment to thrift shopping for some fabulous ‘new’ frocks, we love to do our bit for the planet and when it came to starting our business this was especially important.

Our canine couture is designed and produced in the heart of the beautiful Devon countryside with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible…because green is the new black.


Our signature designs are created using recycled, upcycled and deadstock materials otherwise destined for landfill. You will frequently find one of us delving into a charity shop bargain bin for a retro patterned scarf, or scrambling about in our local recycling centre’s homewares department for some cool curtains to repurpose into this season’s latest styles.

Using pre-loved fabrics ensures our designs will always be paws apart from our competitors and producing only small quantities means our customers will own something as unique as they are.


We don’t believe in using animal products to make products for our animals. That’s why we are an ambassador (and the only UK dog company) for PINATEX a company that produces a plant based vegan leather substitute from the discarded leaves of pineapples during the harvesting process. Find the full range of accessories in our shop.


We pride ourselves on creating the most stylish and fashion forward pieces for your puppers without compromising our beliefs. Using sustainable materials such as plant based leathers and corks, metal hardware instead of plastic fastenings on our accessories and repurposing workshop scraps into cushion fillings allows us to produce eco friendly products with a sustainable heart.